Music for Our Little Ones



The SA Music Appreciation and Development School offers therapeutic music and movement programmes – Music for Our Little Ones – for children aged 1 to 6 years.

The experience gained by Anna Coetzee (BMus) and Dr. Lydia Dreyer (Psychologist) since 1977, and their passion for music and children, led to the establishment of the SA Music Appreciation and Development School, specifically aimed at the South African child and the world he/she lives in.

The Music for Our Little Ones programme is based on the supposition that all children are musical and, if applied correctly, music will stimulate the child’s overall development. The child’s specific, age-related developmental stages and the developmental tasks that should be mastered at each stage, are central to the learning experience and activities of the programme. This ensures that every child has ample opportunity to discover music and develop optimally as an individual.

The program presented by the SA Music Appreciation and Development School emphasises the fact that goal-orientated music activities help in developing the child’s music appreciation abilities and his/her love for music as well as his/her intellectual, emotional, social, motor, listening and concentration skills in a playful manner. This in turn contribute to a positive self image.

The Music for Our Little Ones program aims not only on to assist in developing the child as individual, but also to create an opportunity for those with a love for both children and music to start their own music school.

~ Music is the universal language of mankind ~
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Outre-Mer