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1. What are the advantages of operating a Music for Our Little Ones music school?

a. Advantages for institutions/schools where Music for Our Little Ones is presented:

  • The fact that a professional, specialised music curriculum is presented, adds value to your school/institution.
  • Your school/institution becomes more attractive to parents, as you offer more and special opportunities for their children. 
  • A substantial extra income is generated for your institution. 
  • Employment opportunities are created. 

b. Advantages for the music school owners that present Music for Our Little Ones :

  • You have the opportunity to own your own business in your own exclusive area and plan/manage your own working hours.
  • You generate a substantial income, even when working only half-day, as you are working with children in groups of six to ten.
  • You are able to choose from different business options to suit your circumstances.
  • While running your own business, you have sufficient time to spend with your family or even seek further half-day employment.  
  • You enjoy external stimulation and the focus is on self-realisation and entrepreneurship, which enables you to leave your own imprint on the children and make a positive contribution to the community.
  • Employment opportunities and a greater income can be generated if a music school owner appoints one or more additional presenters to present music classes. 

c. Advantages for the child participating in Music for Our Little Ones :

  • The child’s overall development is stimulated.
  • Children are exposed to the entire spectrum of musical styles and genres, which does not necessarily form part of the curricula at schools.
  • A love and appreciation for music is cultivated in the children.


2. How can you become involved with the SA Music Appreciation and Development School?

a. A music school can be purchased. The total capital outlay can be recouped within one year and four months, after which time the music school will generate a good income. Different business options are available to suit your circumstances.

b. Alternatively, a representative of the South African Music Appreciation and Development School in your area can present the Music for Our Little Ones program at your institution.

c. Parents who wish to develop and stimulate their own children through music at home, can purchase a Music for Our Little Ones AT HOME kit.


3. If you were to become involved, what should you take into consideration?

  • Do you have the natural ability to work with children, as well as experience in the field of music? Should you choose not to present the classes yourself, does the person you intend to appoint, comply with these requirements?
  • Do you have a computer, tablet etc. to play the Cds digitally, your own transport and access to a telephone?
  • If you intend to work from home, do you have a room of approximately 3m × 3m available?
  • If you need financing from a bank to purchase your school, do you have any proof of security?
  • Do you know which area you would prefer to operate in? How many day-care centres, nursery schools, playgroups, pre-primary schools and primary schools are there in that area?
  • How many hours do you intend to work and how many children would you like to involve in the classes? What would your income and expenses be in such a scenario?
  • Consider the personal benefits of running your own music school.

Feel free to contact us for a free demonstration and a detailed business plan (explaining what the program consist of, the finances, expansion possibilities and limitations).

We are looking forward to hearing from you!