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Experience the joy of music with your little one at home

 Music for Our Little Ones  — an authentic South African therapeutic music- and movement programme for children aged one to six — has just launched an innovative version of their Music for Our Little Ones curriculum that can be enjoyed at home.

 Called Music for Our Little Ones AT HOME, the concept and product has been developed by the SA Music Appreciation and Development School and is based on the programme presented through the music schools, which emphasises the use of goal-driven music activities to nurture the development of your little one’s music appreciation abilities and love of music, as well as stimulate their intellectual, emotional, social, motor, listening and concentration skills. This in turn contributes to a positive self image, which is the strongest foundation we can offer our children for developing into unique, balanced adults with a positive outlook on life.

The AT HOME kit, a condensed version of the comprehensive music- and movement programme that can also be used to supplement the full programme, offers families the opportunity to enjoy the unique Music for Our Little Ones experience together, whilst being in touch with and developing their child’s total being at the same time. A major advantage of this brand extension is that children who live in smaller towns or in the country — where Music for Our Little Ones music schools aren’t perhaps available — or who receive home schooling or are looked after at home by caregivers, can participate in these music activities. By using the Music for Our Little Ones  At Home kit parents and caregivers have heaps of creative ideas at their immediate disposal to stimulate little ones at home.

Music for Our Little Ones  AT HOME, which comes in an attractive brightly coloured box, is available in English and Afrikaans and consists of ten themes that focus on the specific development stage of your little one, plus the various development tasks that should be mastered between one and six years of age. Lessons are between 30 to 40 minutes each and compiled according to a structure that is user-friendly for the whole family. Items include four CDs with sound material, a user friendly manual, fun book, a variety of simple yet fun percussion instruments as well as a selection of tactile materials including feathers, puppets, stickers, play dough, balls, soft cloths, bubbles, paint, toy insects, etc.

Opportunities are also available for people with a love for children and music to start their own music school and present Music for Our Little Ones programmes.

For more information on business opportunities or a music school in your area, click here to contact us.


Feedback from parents and care takers

"My vriendin Estelle, van Switzerland het my gisteraand gebel en vertel hoe baie hulle die TUISPAKKET geniet!  Haar seuntjie word 5 in Augustus en haar dogtertjie 2 in Oktober en albei van hulle geniet dit vreeslik.  Estelle sê ook dit inspireer haar en help haar om kreatief te dink aan idees of iets om te doen wanneer hulle nie die TUISPAKKET naby het nie.  Hulle dink voorwaar dit is 'n uitstekende produk en kan sien hoe baie moeite daarin gestort is."

"Ek is 'n aupair van twee driejarige seuntjies en het eenmaal per week die TUISPAKKET met hulle gedoen.  Dit was baie handig om hulle meer besig te hou en ek en hulle het dit sommer baie geniet!  Dit was ook lekker om hulle te stimuleer met - en bewus te maak van musiek.  Ek beveel die TUISPAKKET aan vir enige ouer of versorger van klein kinders!"