Music for Our Little Ones

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Available ProductsAvailable ProductsAvailable Products

The following items are available for purchase by parents:

  • Music for Our Little Ones AT HOME:
    The AT HOME kit, a condensed version of the comprehensive music- and movement programme, offers families the opportunity to enjoy the unique Music for Our Little Ones experience together. By using the AT HOME kit caregivers have heaps of creative ideas at their immediate disposal to stimulate little ones at home. Read more about the kit on the AT HOME page.

  • T-shirts:
    The T-shirts are available in yellow with the "Music for Our Little Ones" colour logo. Dressed in their logo shirts, pupils present a colourful picture at concerts and year-end functions.

  • Digital copy of Song CD and manual:
    All songs that are taught throughout the year are recorded on digital copy of CD, both with and without the children`s voices. Each digital copy of CD is accompanied by a manual with the words of the songs, providing ample opportunity for fun as the whole family expands their song repertoire.

  • Recorder repertoire digital copy of CD and book:
    A digital copy of CD with the recorder songs accompaniment and a book with the musical score of the recorder music can be bought so that the little ones can play the recorder at home.
Product Price
AT HOME kit R 2120
T-shirt R 90
Digital copy of Songs CD R 90
Songs manual R 90
Recorder songs accompaniment CD R 95
Recorder R 120


Please note that these items are not compulsory.

If you are interested in ordering any of the above, please contact the music school owner in your area, who will process the order for you.

Click here to view the list of music school owners and area.